The Strings of My Soul (Book)

The Strings of My Soul (Book)

The Strings of My Soul is about our God-given gifts - the strings of our soul - that often remain hidden and silent unless someone special comes along and touches them.  That touch changes our lives and the people around us forever: With the sound of the strings our souls sing a beautiful song.
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    Born in Ukraine, Vadim Tunitsky knew nothing about the Jewish religion. He was Jewish - it was written in his passport - he knew that and he was proud of it.

    Jewish culture and Judaism were severely restricted in Ukraine. For 36 years, Vadim lived life not aware of who he really was until the day an old man prophesied that he would become a great Cantor, a word the meaning of which he didn't even know. It happened a couple of week before the Tunitsky family immigration to the USA.

    The first Hebrew prayer Vadim sang proved he had a gift of a Cantor. And he became one having graduated from Hebrew Union College/Jewish Institute of Religion in 1993. He has had a successful Cantorial career in New York, New Jersey and Houston where 20 years later he continues working as a Cantor.

    Vadim lives in Houston with his wife and two grown children. Sports, music, and books are among the many activities he enjoys.