Sh'ma B'ni (Listen, My Child) (CD)

Sh'ma B'ni (Listen, My Child) (CD)

Sh'ma B'ni is a collection of sixteen inspirational Jewish songs and prayers.  They are some of Cantor T.'s favorites.

Sh'ma B'ni is translated as Listen, My Child, and while working on this project, Cantor T. never stopped thinking about the many wonderful children who have touched his heart over the last 20+ years. This album is dedicated to them with the hope they will cherish Jewish music and that their lives will be enriched by it.

This album is the result of the efforts of many people who volunteered their time, energy, and talents. A special thanks and appreciation goes to Yanina Didyk, a gifted pianist whose talent enhanced this project, and to Cantor Meir Finkelstein whose unique gifts as a cantor, composer, arranger, pianist, and personal friend continue to be immeasurable.

Sh'ma B'ni is a reflection of Cantor T.'s love of Judaism, Jewish music and his experiences in the last 20+ years in the cantorate.
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    CD Songs

    1. Sh'ma B'ni (Taubman/Cotler)
    2. L'dor Vador (Finkelstein)
    3. Mi Shebeirach (Friedman)
    4. Yism'chu (Finkelstein)
    5. L'chi Lach (Friedman)
    6. You are my Simcha (P.Zim)
    7. Sh'ma Koleinu (Helfman)
    8. A Yiddeshe Mame (Yellen/Pollack)
    9. Shehecheyanu (Schlosburg)
    10. You are the One (Friedman)
    11. Chasdei Hasheni (Alter)
    12. Mi Sheberscha (Levine)
    13. Avinu Shebashamayim (Finkelstein)
    14. Yom Ze le Yisraeil (S'fardic)
    15. Yerushalayim (Bratter/Or)
    16. Ose Shalom (Hirsh)
    17. Shirah (Olsbanetsky)
    18. Hava Nagila (folk)